Understanding Gametogenesis Abnormalities and their Effects

Human reproduction can not be separated from various processes that occur in the body, including gametogenesis. Abnormalities in the process of gametogenesis will disrupt the process of production and development of reproductive cells. Gametes are unpaired cells, and are formed for reproductive purposes. Gametogenesis includes the formation of sperm and egg cells. The process of gametogenesis in women is called oogenesis, whereas in men it is called spermatogenesis. Gematogenesis Process At the beginning of the process of gametogenesis, primitive cells carry 46 chromosomes, both male and female primitive cells. These chromosomes will later affect hair, eyes and skin color, height, bone structure, and gender. The duration of the process of gametogenesis is not the same between men and women. In men, the process of meiosis occurs within a few days. Whereas in women, the process of meiosis will be delayed up to several years, and only continues when puberty. In women before puberty
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